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Data collection on the impact of COVID-19

欧宝app收集了2019冠状病毒病对文化部门影响的信息. 欧宝app的目标是确保该部门获得任何可用的缓解资金或刺激发现. We will reissue the surveys as needed.

一年后:COVID-19大流行导致文化部门陷入经济危机 (3/8/21)

Survey Shows Continued Staggering Impacts of COVID-19 on State’s Cultural Sector (11/9/20)

Survey Reveals Significant Impact of COVID-19 on Cultural Sector (7/16/20)

Updated economic impact figures (as of 4/15/20)

Read the early economic impact findings (as of 3/24/20)

Guidance for Mass Cultural Council Grant Recipients

如果你收到了大众文化委员会的一笔赠款用于一个因COVID-19爆发而不得不取消的特定项目, we have policies in place to ensure you do not lose your funding. We will work with grantees to help minimize impact on their organization. 您可以轻松快速地提交请求,以修改已批准的项目或更改已批准项目的日期.

Extension and/or Modification Request

奖助金受助人需要得到大众文化委员会的书面许可才能更改他们的计划. However, 欧宝app认识到,由于COVID-19形势的发展速度,受助者可能会在取消活动后申请许可, in this case pre-approval is not required. 群众文化委员会批准资助项目的合理延期、修改. 变更不得显著改变已批准申请的原始用途. 项目扩展和修改必须以书面形式通过电子邮件发送给下面列出的联系人. 欧宝app将在收到申请后进行审查,欧宝app的目标是在收到后两周内作出答复.

Impacted Mass Cultural Council Programs:

而大众文化委员会在审查地方文化委员会拨款的修改和延期申请时没有任何作用, we have issued guidance to LCCs encouraging them to work with grantees 以确保在COVID-19疫情引发的特殊情况下,这些资助项目能够以新的方式或推迟日期开展.


  • Grant Program
  • Name of approved project
  • Original date of approved activity
  • The date you would like to move the approved activity to
  • Any modifications you are making to the proposed project

Mass Cultural Council Office, Meetings, and Events

大众文化委员会在正常工作时间远程运作. 根据贝克行政当局在宣布紧急状态时的指导, we have also directed our staff to cancel all travel and conference attendance. 代理处的工作人员将继续通过电话或网络举行计划中的会议.

Additionally, 欧宝app不会举行任何公开集会,除非另行通知,任何现有的会议将重新安排或以虚拟会议形式在网上举行. Check our Agency Dates page for current information about events and webinars.

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